This month we feature the amazing Shawna, a very motivated senior ready to hit the ground running, this go getter knows exactly what she wants and makes sure she gets it, she planned this photo shoot on her own! I was so impressed with her motivation and take charge attitude.


Now as most of you know I'm a clown, child, young at heart, all of the above, during hair and makeup I tried to make her laugh by cracking jokes and making funnies well Shawna completely ignored me and stayed focused on getting her makeup done, now I consider myself to be super funny and I can say it had no effect on her or maybe I have no more funnies left in me lol nope! That's not it, focus is key and she is 100% efficient and focused like in everything she does, we had so much fun in the hills in Lincoln and even went to old town for a little something different so sit back relax and enjoy Shawna’s session, When you get a chance head over to the behind the scenes page to see the footage of Shawna getting her hair and makeup done.


Shawna's set is so big I have to divide it up so more images to come soon!

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